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Eagle Creek Substation Outage

Outage Update:  2:25 pm

Crews have determined the substation transformer was damaged by lightning.  They are working to put a backup transformer in service.  The estimated time for that process is 4 hours.

Outage Update:  11:40 am

The substation transformer testing is complete but inconclusive. Crews are testing and monitoring other pieces of equipment in the substation. We expect the outage to last several more hours. Arrangements should be made, if possible, for perishables.

Outage Update:  8:15 am

FELPS and CPS Energy crews are working in the Eagle Creek substation to assist in restoration of the outage. The substation transformer must be tested before it can be brought back online. There is a potential the substation took a direct lightning strike. Testing is a long process due to the size and nature of the equipment. At this time, we are not able to determine the length of time until restoration. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We will continue to update you as information is available.

G&T Factor Adjustment to Take Effect September 1, 2022

G&T Factor Adjustment to Take Effect September 1, 2022

You will see a change on your September bill (dated September 1, 2022 and after) for the Generation & Transmission (G&T) factor.  It will change from $0.081 to $0.092 per kilowatt hour (kWh).  The G&T pays for the wholesale power cost charges and includes the cost of fuel to generate the electricity and the cost to deliver that electricity through the ERCOT grid.  The increased prices in natural gas and higher usage have necessitated this change.  Historically, FELPS has kept any of these changes to months where usage is lower, impacting the overall dollar amount less substantially.  We were able to continue that practice again.  We are hopeful that this will be a short term increase and wholesale power costs will improve.   To be clear, this is not a rate increase. The money collected through the G&T factor is paid out and is not part of the rates that we operate from.

The average cost per kWh for residential customers in August was 11.18 cents.  Using the same usage, the average cost per kWh for residential customers in September would be 12.28 cents.  The new average cost is comparable with our neighboring utilities.

FELPS is a not-for-profit entity and works to mitigate the effects of the rising natural gas prices, by using financial hedging and other measures, but the continued cost of natural gas is now at a point it is impacting the customers’ bills.

Customer Service is available to answer any questions you may have concerning this change.  They can be reached at (830) 216-7000 sub-option 1, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Who’s Calling During an After-Hours Outage?

Late last year, FELPS partnered with Cooperative Response Center, Inc. (CRC), a nationwide, 24/7 contact center, to assist with its after-hours outage needs. With locations in Austin, Minn., Dunlap, Tenn., and Abilene, Texas, CRC specializes in call handling and dispatching line crews, providing service excellence by fulfilling its tagline: Focusing on the Human Side of Technology.

When you call FELPS after-hours, your call is immediately routed to CRC’s contact center where knowledgeable staff members can address your concerns regarding electrical emergencies or other inquiries.

In some instances, after you call FELPS and you have spoken to a CRC agent, it may be necessary for him or her to contact you. For example, someone on the line crew may need additional information from you about an outage. An agent will also contact you if you enter your outage through our automated system.  CRC needs to speak with a person before dispatching crews.  If the call is not answered, it is not entered as an outage.  When the agent calls you and you have caller ID, you will see the phone number (507) 437-2572 on your device.

When you see the 2572 phone number, please rest assured that the caller is a CRC agent representing FELPS for the sole purpose of relaying information to you or verifying your outage. You may want to add this number to your phone’s contacts and rename it “FELPS Outage” or any other desired name. Note, however, that you can not return a call to this number. The agent will leave a call back number on your voice mail, if possible. If leaving a voice mail is not possible for the agent, you will need to call FELPS’ phone number for resolution – 830-216-7000, sub option 2.

Winter Weather Bills

The extreme temperatures experienced last week created a lot of uncertainty in the utility industry.  Although we still don’t know the full impact, we can assure you that you will not receive the type of bills you are hearing about in the media.  Most customers will have higher usage for the month, leading to an increase in bills.  We are committed to do everything possible to work with customers to get through this period.  If you have any questions or concerns about your usage, please call customer service at (830) 216-7000 sub-option 1.

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