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Transfering Existing Electric Service to your Name - Floresville Electric Light & Power System

Transferring Existing Electric Service to your Name

To get started, you need these things:

  1. The service address or meter number of the location that you want transferred to your name.
  2. A valid driver’s license, passport or other state-issued identification card and your social security number.
  3. Proof of occupancy or approval from the current occupant.
  4. A completed Service Application, including your signature. We can take your information over the phone at 830.216.7000 or in person at 187 State Highway 97 E, Floresville, Texas 78114.  You must physically sign the form to acknowledge your acceptance with the terms.  Don’t forget a copy of your driver’s license if you submit the notarized application via email or FAX.
  5. A deposit of twice the average bill at this location will be required, or a minimum of $250 if this is a new location.  The deposit may be reduced with excellent credit as determined by a 3rd party credit check, or it may be waived if you have excellent credit with FELPS on a similar account.
There are two ways to submit your application:
  1. Come by our office at 187 State Highway 97 E, Floresville, Texas  78114 to fill out the application and pay your deposit in person.
  2. Contact us at 830.216.7000, sub option 1 to get started over the phone and we’ll email you the forms for your signature.


Providing Service to New Installations - Floresville Electric Light & Power System

Providing Service for Your New or Existing Installation

We are happy to help.  To get started, we need these items:

  1. A completed Work Request.  This document explains our process to service your request.  Unfortunately, we are unable to quote a cost for the job until a line designer has an opportunity to visit the site.  The visit is free of charge and will be scheduled once the application is returned to FELPS.
    Work Request
  2. A copy of your Property Deed.
  3. Submit the Work Request and Property Deed. via email to or bring to our office at:
    187 State Highway 97 E, Floresville, Texas  78114
    Monday-Friday from 8am-4:15pm or
    fax it to 830.393.0362

We’ll contact you within three business days, upon receipt of your request, to set an appointment to meet at your location.

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