Automated Metering Infrastructure Project Updates

  • 2 July 2018
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We are currently at the stage of the project where we will begin changing out meters throughout the system. A strategic plan has been established to cover this 3-year project in the most efficient and effective way. Therefore, the customers that will be affected this year are residential customers that live in the city limits of Floresville, Poth, Stockdale, Falls City, and La Vernia. If you live in this area, please know that we may be changing out your meter sometime between July 9 and December 31, 2018 which will cause a brief interruption of approximately 10-20 seconds in your service. Unfortunately, we are unable to schedule the outages.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 830-216-7000 sub-option 1 for Customer Service.

Updated:  07/13/18 –

When changing out meters, FELPS Meter Techs will be going house to house one block at a time. FELPS does not know what day or time we will be at each site, however, the Meter Techs will give a courtesy knock to let you know they are there. If we are changing out your meter we will be on the property 10-15 minutes from start to finish and the interruption in service shouldn’t be more than 10-20 seconds. Please know, not every meter will be changed out at this time because some installed meters (remote read) have one-way communication modules that work with this new infrastructure. Therefore, remote read meters will be changed out towards the end of this 3 year project. If you have any questions please call 830-216-7000 sub option 1 for customer service.
Updated 07/27/18 –
There seems to be some confusion around the charges associated with smart meters (AMI). FELPS is not charging customers to change to a smart meter (standard meter). The charge is only applicable if a customer opts for a meter without a communications component (non-standard). The meters we have been installing for the last 15-18 years has a one-way communication component. The non-standard meter we have ordered has no communication capabilities and it does have a cost associated with it. If a customer opts out before the meter is installed, the one-time Meter Exchange Fee is waived, however, the Monthly Reading Fee will be billed each month. For more questions, please contact Customer Service at (830) 216-7000 sub-option 1.
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