Floresville Electric Light & Power System


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Electric Distribution Utility

A municipally owned electric distribution utility, located at 1400 4th street in Floresville, is a cornerstone of the community. FELPS, established in May 1942, is one of the nearly 2,000 public power utilities throughout the country that provide an important function: supplying the energy that allows us to carry on our daily lives.


The area served by the System is comprised mostly of Wilson County, Texas, and extends into Bexar and Karnes Counties, including the cities of Floresville, Stockdale, Poth , Falls City, and La Vernia , as well as the unincorporated communities of Saspamco , Sutherland Springs, Pandora, Denhawken , Koscuisko , Cestohowa , Pawelekville , and Hobson. The total area serviced is estimated by the management of the System to include approximately 600 square miles.


The availability of safe, reliable and low-cost electricity has become a mainstay of community prosperity. The services provided by FELPS are important to this area's ability to attract businesses and, with them, the jobs that bring greater prosperity.


Effective November 1, 2015, FELPS will no longer acquire easements for customers requesting an extension of service. A Customer requesting a power line extension must provide an easement to FELPS.